AE Polysilicon Products

Granular Polysilicon

AEPs Polysilicon BBs are a product of cutting edge fluidized bed reactor technology. Our Polysilicon BBs are uniform and non-abrasive. Our customers are able to realize higher yields and higher throughput in their ingot production with the use of Polysilicon BBs.

Compared to other Polysilicon BBs on the market, AEPs Polysilicon BBs are dense and do not generate substantial amounts of fines and dust.

AEP works closely with our customers to optimize the use of Polysilicon BBs in their production technologies. We strive to realize the full potential value our Polysilicon BBs. At AEP, one of our core principles is to build relationships around achieving the highest mutual benefit.

If you are interested in finding out more about how our Polysilicon BBs can benefit your company, please contact our Sales Department to set up an initial consultation.