Solar Energy

Solar photovoltaic energy, or Solar PV, generates electricity by converting sunlight into electricity. Global demand for solar energy is increasing because Solar PV has proven itself to be a clean and cost effective source of energy. The sun is a nearly infinite source of energy unlike oil, natural gas, and coal, which will eventually diminish.

Solar PV is also a clean and environmentally-friendly source of energy that does not emit hazardous emissions into our environment. Since the only input to generate electricity from Solar PV is sun light, it is not volatile to fluctuating input prices.

Solar PV has proven itself to be a cost efficient source of energy. Solar PV produces electricity during “peak energy demand”, the time when energy costs are typically at its highest. Additionally, Solar PV is usually installed close to where it will be consumed, reducing distribution losses and infrastructure costs for utilities.

For individuals and home owners, owning a Solar PV system typically off-sets the high retail rates paid to utilities. The reduction, or savings, in energy required to be purchased from utilities over the life of the system is far greater than the cost of installing a Solar PV system. Thus, Solar PV is increasingly cost competitive to traditional sources.

Solar PV’s cost efficiency is also driven by the substantial reductions in the cost of Solar PV technology. As manufacturing technology improves, the ability of Solar PV to convert sunlight into energy is increasing and the cost to manufacture is decreasing. As a result, the cost of a Solar PV module has dropped to a fraction of the cost of Solar PV modules from a few years ago.

AE Polysilicon is on the leading edge of advanced production technologies and will commercialize the polysilicon production technology that continues to reduce the cost of Solar PV. With each day AE Polysilicon brings the dream of Solar PV as a mainstream source of energy one step closer to realization!